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Back in 2017, after a year of running my own start-up back in Chile and failing plus having worked in the start-up scene for over 4 years, I decided to look for opportunities outside my home country and get some international work experience, ideally in one of the big tech companies.
The process can get quite exhausting and frustrating, and my experience going through it was no exception.

First Steps — Recruiters

I think every person I’ve talked to has had a different experience with the interview process. Some people have a very smooth one, getting an offer right after the first or second…

Todo lo que aprendimos durante un año armando nuestra empresa

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Ya se cumplen 3 años desde que tuve que cerrar las puertas de la start-up que había comenzado con mi socio para innovar en la industria de la salud en Chile y en la que trabajamos intensamente durante un año. Eso me hizo mirar para atrás y pensar en todo lo que aprendí de los errores que cometimos.

Conocer bien la industria de tu start-up antes de comenzar

Nuestra start-up parte de un proyecto universitario que desarrollé con el cual gané financiamiento de Start-Up Chile para implementarlo en el mercado. Consistía en un sistema para mejorar el monitoreo remoto de pacientes con condiciones crónicas que estaban bajo cuidado domiciliario y…

La industria de la salud es una de los sectores en donde podemos encontrar un espacio gigantesco para la innovación. Dispositivos tecnológicos que hacen más fácil la medición de signos vitales, servicios de telemedicina para monitorear pacientes a larga distancia, apps para el auto cuidado y manejo de la condición del paciente, softwares administrativos para un mejor manejo de la información del paciente en hospitales, entre otros.

Sólo mirando el lado del consumidor final, encontramos una gran variedad de aplicaciones disponibles para las personas y pacientes que permiten mejorar la calidad de vida y llevar más adecuadamente una condición médica…

A college crisis triggered by the startup mirage

Here is what I learned believing I could easily build a startup company while being in college, going through endless frustration and compromising my health, to ultimately learning a valuable lesson the hard way.

I think it goes back to 2011, where I opened a door that unleashed the most fun and at the same time worst 2 years of my time in college.

At the time, I was still in college taking some of the courses required for the software engineering degree. …

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A practical example of correcting product mistakes and saving money on the way.

Entrepreneurs often reach out to me for advise on how to improve user conversion and engagement, so they can grow their platforms. There’re a lot of websites on the internet that talk about this topic, but to me, it always begins with the product. I always begin by asking people to take a zoomed-out look at their apps, and also pay attention to what customers do with it, and how they use it. This is because many mistakes can be spotted by just asking for an opinion from someone who could even be a total stranger to your product.


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The best way to add analytics services and not mess up your code

Over the past few months, I’ve had to perform the task of designing a strategy that allows our product to grow and attract more users.

If you are performing this task, you’ll find that one of the many ways to achieve growth is by working on your product and understanding what your users/customers do with it. To do this, we use analytics, which is basically the concept of registering data on user behaviour and learn what’s working and what’s not.

To implement analytics, you have 2 choices:

a) Implementing your own analytics system, which you have to maintain. …

Juan Antonio Karmy

Entrepreneur | Musician | PM @ Microsoft

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